Our Vision

Information Technology is moving quickly. Not only the technology behind it all, but also in how businesses today are utilizing it to further their business goals. It’s hard to stay on top of it all. It isn’t your job to do so. But that's what I love to do. Working with clients in an advisory capacity, sharing knowledge, experiences, best practices, templates, and frameworks. Ensuring the successful integration of Information Technology into Your Corporate Strategy.

Our Strengths

Using our Experience to deliver you Enterprise Quality software that just works. Our relentless Focus on Research, continuous tracking new technology developments for your benefit. Our One for All approach, delivering on the promise that you all get the best from us. And we just love to be part of the team!

Our Services


our Focus on helping you to Get Started with the right software


our Focus on IT infrastructure health & technical Assistance


our Focus on a pragmatical approach in supporting Business Growth


our Focus on enabling fast track implementation of New Technology

  • 2013


    The meaning behind the name? "AGI" from a·gil·i·ty, ...referring to the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; physical, mental or technology nimbleness; getting things done Faster Better, and More Easily! "ION" from i·on, ...referring to the very Small Things that are functioning in the background, existing nearly invisible (like Software). Utilising these Small Things in the right way, will give us a "Sizable" competitive advantage!

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